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National Freshman Attitudes Reports

An annual study of the self-reported motivations and attitudes of first-year college students

This National Freshman Attitudes Report series examines the attitudes and motivations of first-year students throughout the nation at the very beginning—and now also at the middle—of their undergraduate experience. This annual study adds another layer to existing national research on college freshmen.

The survey instruments used for this research are part of the Retention Management System Plus™ from Noel-Levitz and include the College Student Inventory™, for incoming freshmen, and its mid-year post-test, the Mid-Year Student Assessment. These assessments identify students' needs, motivations, and non-cognitive attitudes that influence student success.  

Also available

Attitudes of Second-Year College Students - a 2015 study that explores attitudes that influence college completion

Attitudes and Motivations of College Transfer Students - a 2013 study for understanding how to improve college completion rates among students who transfer.

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