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Ruffalo Noel Levitz brings together the unparalleled experience and industry-leading research of our two legacy companies to provide you with innovative solutions for meeting your enrollment challenges.

We're passionate about enrollment: about understanding trends, investigating the most effective approaches, and helping our campus partners put them into action to meet objectives. Your success is our success. Why should you work with us?

Your challenges may not be unique, but your campus is.

We aim to learn the dynamics of your enrollment situation, your campus, and your culture. Starting with assessment and consultation by experienced enrollment managers, we’ll continue on to develop—in partnership with you—a custom strategy for your institution.

You need implementable strategies.

As experienced enrollment practitioners ourselves, we know you’re seeking practical, implementable insight—not theoreticals that might not fit within your reality. That means we’ll offer innovative, specific, up-to-the-minute approaches that also happen to be backed by the richest data in the industry, derived from our work with hundreds of diverse institutions.

You want perspective beyond your campus.

We also understand that you want to know what else is happening “out there,” whether you’re looking to answer questions from your board or just to gain better context for your situation. Gain that perspective by accessing our unrivaled resources: survey and benchmarking research, consolidated data findings, and expert recommendations on every facet of enrollment.

Your success depends on engagement rather than recruitment.

It’s been said that admissions and enrollment isn’t about recruiting students, but about engaging future graduates. In today’s challenging environment, how many admission strategies have student success and graduation as the metric by which their viability is measured? Ours do.

You should focus on the relationship; we’ll support that from initial awareness through to graduation—and beyond.

Through our marketing services, we’ll do the heavy lifting in your communications and your staff can build relationships with the right students. We’ll engage those students with the right information (the information most relevant to them) at the right time—our focus is on logistics so your staff can actually focus on students.


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